AdSense alternatives for small websites

AdSense alternatives for small websites
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Are you looking for the alternative of AdSense? Maybe you are not getting approval from Google Adsense program due to the various restrictions of your website. Or, maybe your AdSense account just got suspended due to any reason. Don’t worry, in this article, we will discuss some top rated AdSense alternatives for small websites. Remember, Let’s see what the alternatives are:


Infolinks operating services over 128 countries and has over 200,000 registered publishers. At the very beginning, it offers only text ads, but at present it offers all kind of available ads like Infold ads, Floating display ads, Native type ads, Popup ads, and Interstitial ads.

The approval process is not complicated. You don’t need a high volume of traffic to get approved. Easy to integrate platform and payout option. You can get paid with PayPal and the minimum payout amount is $50.

Media Net: is the second best contextual ads provider company in the world. It is the best alternative of AdSense but flexible and offers high-value ads program. This is a joint venture service of Yahoo and Bing. New customers get an extra 10% of their first three revenue. Previously withdraw can be made by PayPal, but not anymore. Now they offer only Payoneer payment method and the minimum threshold is $100.


This is the other alternative of PPC and CPC ads network. It is a little different than the other PPC and CPC program. It performs a bid among the publisher and the height bidder can place ads on your site.

They offer all types of ads like Banner Ads, Text Ads, Slider Ads, and Mobile Ads. Even their ads can be customized to fit your site. They offer PayPal (min $10), cheque and wire (min $50) payment transfer.


It has a pop-under ad which offers high-value CPM alone with decent inventory for mobile and desktop traffic. It really pays a handsome amount and accounts approval process is not lengthy and complicated. To get a payment you need to request a payment. They will pay you within 24-48 hours via PayPal, Payza or Paxum.


Adsterra is the premium and popular PPC and CPM ads network. It is also the best AdSense alternatives for small websites. They provide various types of ads for web and cell phone. Direct links, pushups, sliders and interstitial are some exceptional example of their ads.

It also offers a 5% referral commission. Net-15 payment method included and payout can be made with PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, WebMoney and via Wire.

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Among the advertising network, is the best Google Adsense alternative in the web world. They offer CPC and CPM ads for both publishers and advertisers. They have high-value rates of CPM and CPC which is lucrative.  Their ads are geo-targeted and classy. The account approval process is not complex and support is quick and reliable. The monthly payment is available with a minimum $100 threshold vial Payoneer.

So, no option is the last option for PPC, CPM publishers. If you don’t have the Google AdSense, try these AdSense alternatives for small websites. Maybe you will discover the new one better than AdSense.

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