5 Best Social Media Sharing Plugins For WordPress

5 best social media sharing plugins
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Image: Pixabay

Social media is one of the most important platforms because it brings more traffic or visitors to your website. But to manage social media from WordPress, you need some plugins and that will make your work easy.

There are many social media plugins available for WordPress but finding the right one can be difficult. Today we will show you a list of 5 best social media sharing plugins to make your decision easy.

First, let’s see what to look for in a social media sharing plugin:

  • It shouldn’t affect your load time.
  • A plugin with many features can slow down your site time.
  • Select your social networks before choosing any plugin.
  • Keep fewer Networks to get better service.
  • Decide how you want to appear the social icons on display.

As we know what we are look in the social media sharing plugins, now choosing the right one for your website will be easier.


5 best social media sharing plugins
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Image: Pixabay


1. Social Snap:

This newcomer social media sharing plugin has an amazingly designed interface, great sharing buttons and a big list of great features. Share snap has a limited free version but most of the features are available in the paid version.

This plugin gives 30+ buttons of various social networks. You can also choose various button sizes, shapes, and colors. It also has a built-in migration tool. This plugin helps your website to get more visitors.

Their paid version starts at $39.

2. Sassy Social Share:

Sassy Social Share is easy to use the plugin for social media share. It has tons of various options.

It gives buttons of popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and 100 more social sharing. It also supports the social count feature. For icons, it has three styles: rounded, square and rectangle. You can change them as your preference.

This plugin has both free and paid versions starts with $9.99.

3. Social Warfare:

This plugin has both free and paid versions. The free version works for a lightweight social share button and of course, the paid version has amazing features. This plugin has share counts, multiple placements, support for big social networks and many more. One amazing thing is if you change the domain name or move the site to HTTPS, you can lose your old contents but Social Warfare can help you to recover them.

This plugin is both free and pro version starts at $29.


4. AddtoAny:

AddtoAny is known as the ‘Universal Sharing Platform’ because it gives the visitor to choose any network by clicking + icon. This plugin gives 100 sharing options in anywhere of your content. You can display them before or after content, both vertical and horizontal way.

This popular plugin is free which a big advantage is.

5. WP Social Sharing:

WP Social Sharing plugin is most lightweight and you want to add all biggest social networks like Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter for social sharing, this plugin makes everything as simple as possible. Even you can customize your share text before sharing any button.

This amazing plugin is also free.

Among the best social media sharing plugins for WordPress, we have made a list of top 5 plugins. If you have a website then these plugins will surely bring a difference to your site. A good social media strategy will help you to bring more visitors to the site and place your sharing buttons in a perfect place to get a good response.

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