How to choose a domain name for a website

How to choose a domain name
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A domain name represents the identity of your blog and business. Choosing a domain name is not that simple. Lots of logical and technical factors involved with a domain name. So, before choosing an appropriate one, we must follow a few rules and steeps. Please stay with us until the end to learn how to choose a domain name for the website.

Choose a suitable domain extension or stay with ‘.com’:

There are many domain extensions like .com, .net, .org, .biz. These are chosen to classify a website, whether it is a company, informative, technology or non-profit organization. You should choose an extension that matches best for your website. If you are not sure, just stay with .com. This is the most common, reliable and popular extension.

Practice using own keywords is the best way to choose a domain name:

For an existing business, the best option is to use the main words of the business name. Or use the words that explain your business best. This way visitors might find you easily.


Make easy to type, pronounce and memorable:

Simple words are convenient to type and easy to remember. It also has a less possibility of spelling mistake while using a search engine. Visitors can probably memorize your website name and come back again.


Make it short and avoid numbers, hyphens, and doubled letters:

Keep your domain short and simple. Also, avoid repeated letters. This will lower the possibility of misspelling on a search engine to find your site. For example: don’t use ‘’


When choosing a name for your site consider evading number and hyphen. If you have a name like ‘’. Visitors always get confused with 24. They may not determine is it number (24) or spell-out twenty-four. And also, they might forget the hyphen. So, here also a possibility of miss spelling and typing.


Have an exclusive and brand-able one:

It is wise to choose one that represents your topic and business. So that you can establish your brand easily. This will help you to stand out among the thousands and your impression will be higher than any of your competitors.


Make Investigation before buying it:

Don’t buy some one’s registered tread name. This could be a violation of the company act. To avoid it, make a detail investigation and be sure no one has the name that you have chosen to purchase.


Protect your brand and leave room to expand:

Purchase all the extensions and possibly misspell domains to save your brand from misuse. Always leave an option to extend your domain for the future.


Use popular and reliable domain registrars:

Do not register a domain name from an unreliable register or site. Always get from a renowned and trustworthy register. We recommend Namecheap, a well-known domain registrar.


Don’t think too much but act fast:

After come across all the above steps you must know much about how to choose a domain name.

Otherwise, someone else might buy your one before you which could cost you a lot.

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