How to choose a hosting provider for online business

How to choose a hosting provider
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Hosting providers rent digital space to keep your contents. There are many technical and logical factors that must be considered to select an appropriate hosting provider. So, you just need a solid idea of how to choose a hosting provider. Let’s discuss some vital factors for clear conception.

Identify the hosting category you require:

There are some hosting categories available for different types of business. Depending on your business and need you should choose the appropriate one. For example:


Shared Hosting:

This is the basic and cheapest one and suitable for a small or medium business website. It is just like to rent a room in a shared flat.


VPS Hosting:

VPS stands for Virtual Privet Server. This one offers flexible options for growing business site. It is just like rent a flat is a building.


Dedicated Hosting:

This one provides all the updated options and available technology that a server needs. It is appropriate for high volume, developed, and sensitive business website. It is just like rent a whole building.

Determine the type and size of resource you need:

If your site has high volume resource and visitors, you must need large storage capacity, unlimited bandwidth, and sufficient RAM to keep functionality faster. Also if you have numbers of domains to add, need many emails and heist security support. You must go for the dedicated hosting, otherwise depending on your need you can choose for any of the other two.

Identify the category of your site to choose a hosting provider:

For the different categories of website, there are some options to choose the suitable one. For example, you are after a Blog site, in that case, a WordPress Web Host will be perfect for you. In terms of an online store, personal site, social media site, corporate site, and video site you must choose the suitable one respectively. Or you have to pay for the services that you don’t need at all.

Server uptime score and consistency:

Make sure the server will never go offline and it has at least 99.90% of uptime. Downtime might cost you a huge loss if the server doesn’t work continuously. 99.90 % uptime represents, your site will be online for 1438.56 minutes and offline for 1.44 minutes per day. So, consistency of hosting server is an important factor to consider.

Upgrade opportunity:

Make sure the hosting server have a suitable upgrade option. So you can take the opportunity when needed.

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Relevant signup and renewal price:

Few hosting servers through some attractive offers to buy their services for the first year. Most of the time they hide the price for the second year and after. For the second year, if the renewal price found irrelevant and excess then you should avoid the provider.

User-friendly cpanel and site backup option:

Easy to use and a friendly control panel is another consideration of how to choose a hosting provider. Automatic site backup is a vital part to choose a provider. The backup options must like every hour, once a day or week. So, choose the hosting server that offers easy to use cpanel as well as automatic and frequent site backup.

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