How to install a WordPress plugin [beginners guide]

How to install a WordPress plugin
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This is important to install a plugin with your website due to maintaining a smooth operation. But, how to install a WordPress plugin- this might be a vital factor to you. Therefore, we, here for you, make some tips on it.

To start with, initially let’s see what is plugins? In short, it is such a type of software that helps the website function well enough to fit the requirements. Keep in mind that plugins are practicalities that do some jobs for your site to run it with well-functioning.

Thus, it is important to know how to install a WordPress plugin:

Before you start reading this article, be sure either you are using website that is self-hosted. If so, you can install any plugins you want. On the other hand, if it is a website you are using, you can’t install any plugins due to its limitations.

However, you also be able to install plugins with the website, after upgrading the business plan. So, make this clear right from the beginning. Also, you are free to jump to the WordPress.ogr from, any time.

Ok, now let see how to install a WordPress plugin;

Start with your website admin panel then go to the dashboard and click on the “Plugins” icon-

Then click on the “Add New” icon.

Are you doing so as we are showing you? If so, then what next? By clicking “Add New” it will take you to the next page. Here you’ll see some options of plugins available here.

On this page here are from the left to right you will see the “Featured” “Popular” “Recommended” “Favorites” plugins list. And, a search box in the right, this is our working area;

Write the name in the box with the appropriate spelling of the plugins you are looking for install on your site. After putting the name of plugins you’ll see the below picture;

What do you see here? Are there the plugins you are looking for? If yes, then click on the “Install Now” button. By clicking on the “Install Now” button, you have given permission to the WordPress to install it on your site.

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Image by: Adobe Stock

Isn’t it easy to know how to install a WordPress plugin?

Indeed, it’s very easy, yet you have another step to go. After properly completion of installation you will see the below one;

That is actually the final permission to use the plugins for you. Without any hesitation just click on the “Active” button. You have done!

At the end of the session, WordPress will notify you regarding plugins activation as shown on the below;

On the other hand, if you are going to install a premium (that is paid) plugins then the installing system is a little bit different. In the event that you need to make the plugins available to show itself on the selection button.

In this case, firstly purchase a plugin from the market with an installable ZIP file. Then go throw the instructions you have followed in the event of free plugins installation till bellow picture;

Click on the “Upload Plugin” button. After that, you have to click on the “Select File” to pick the plugin from your computer. Then click on the “Install” button like as bellow;

Ok, you are doing excellent! Just two steps more. Take a rest while WordPress installing your chosen plugins from your computer. No sooner WordPress finish it you’ll get a notice to “Activate Plugin”.

Wow! It’s finished!

Congratulations! You did it nicely. Now, this is the time to play with it as the way you wish to.

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