How to make money with your own blog

make money with a blog
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If you have a quality blog or website and sufficient traffic visits your blog every day. Then making money from your blog is obvious and just like 1-2-3. Here you are going to learn some dynamic ways of how to make money with your own blog. Please read through the end to learn perfectly.

Earn money by monetizing CPC and CPM Ads:

CPC stands for Cost per Click. It is an advertising display program. Seeing the displayed ad, if a visitor clicks and divert to the advertiser landing page. You will get paid. This is called CPC.

CPM stands for cost per thousand impressions. The advertiser pays you a certain amount based on how many visitors just have seen their ads from your web page.

Need to choose some prominent blocks of your web page to display the banner or text ads. AdSense is the most popular example of CPC and CPM. If Google AdSense doesn’t work, you can use or Infolinks as an alternative.

Sell website space for Private Advertising Income:

If your website is driving a huge number of traffics every day, you might able to get some private ads proposal to display the ad. The private advertiser may contact you or you can send them a proposal.

There will be no middle-party, so you have the option to set the price depending on the number of visitors visiting your site per day. This is a great way to make online money.

CPA or Affiliate marketing:

CPA stands for Cost per Acton and it is also known as Affiliate marketing. To run this method an affiliate account is required. You will get unique links from the affiliate provider to display some banner or text ads into your webpage.

Once a visitor clicks an advertised link, will divert to the partner website. If and only the visitor performs an action like sign up for a service or purchase a product, you will get a commission.

There are many service, course and product selling e-commerce websites out there who provide affiliate marketing opportunity. Theme Forest, Alibaba, Amazon, Click Bank, and CJ are a popular example of an affiliate marketing website.

How to make money with your own blog by selling digital products:

If none of the above methods are for you. Try selling digital products through your site. The following digital products are very popular:

1. E-Books

2. Online courses, workshops, yoga classes

3. Images, video, or music

4. Apps, plugins, or themes

5. Others

Sell only the digital products which are related to your blog topic. Otherwise, visitors will be misguided and stop using your service.

Make money by selling memberships:

This could be another option to earn money by selling subscription or membership. Members have to pay a certain amount to get access to a particular service.

Career blog, Business blog, Forum, and dating website are some perfect membership website examples.

Finally, the most important point is sufficient for visitors to earn online income. If you have visitors just apply any of the above methods. You will start generating income straightway. So, now you know much about how to make money with your own blog.

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