5 Best Social bookmarking sites with domain authority

Social bookmarking sites
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Social bookmarking means bookmarking your website on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, etc. Well to get a good response from social bookmarking you need to be active on social media. It will keep you engage with your friends and followers.

And don’t forget to add one of the best social sharing plugins on your website. So the visitors can easily share them on their profiles or pages. Make it simple for your audience to share your content.

Why social bookmarking is important:

There are a lot of advantages we get by social bookmarking. It is a way of bringing more people to your website. Let’s take a look at the benefits of social bookmarking:
• Social bookmarking helps to bring more traffic to the website.
• Social bookmarking does bookmark your webpage on social media. So that anyone can find that easily.
• We can get backlinks from them.
• It will help your content to be indexed by Google easily.
• The domain authority of your site will be increased by the quality backlinks from high domain authority sites.
• Social bookmarking will help your site to be ranked.

Social bookmarking is a way of getting more traffic but don’t do spam in any site and always try to keep it natural on your social media. Do share useful information or other content and then gradually start sharing your content.

High DA Social Bookmarking Sites:

Bloggers and marketers share their content on famous social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, etc. So we have created a list of social bookmarking sites with domain authority which will help you to get more and more traffic:

1. Facebook:
Social bookmarking sites
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Facebook is one of the most used social media. About 2.7 billion people use Facebook. So by sharing your content on Facebook will undoubtedly bring the most traffic. Even you can turn your articles in small videos to be more eye-catchy.

2. Twitter:

Social bookmarking sites
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After Facebook, if any social site can bring more traffic to your website is Twitter. About 330 million people use twitter. This site is also very much popular. It will help you to more and more visitors so try to be active on Twitter. Keep your audience engage with your posts.

3. Pinterest:
Social bookmarking sites
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This site is also known as one of the top sources of traffic. It has about 250million users. As 60% signups are by women so if you have a female related niche then you will get a good response from this site. Just keep posting useful information.

4. Scoop.It:

This site has more than 75 million users and it can bring extreme traffic if you spend enough time on this platform. Share other good content and keep your site engage. It will give you good traffic.

5. Mix.com:

Mix is another amazing site with DA 65. It has more than 40million users. You can use this platform to promote your contents and you can get a good amount of traffic if you can manage your site.

We have listed the top 5 social bookmarking sites with high domain authority. Google-like traffics from high domain authority sites. Backlinks from these sites can give you a good place in SERP. Try to keep engage your social sites with informative posts and by this, you will get quality traffic on your website.

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