5 Digital Marketing Tools for Beginners

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In 2019 digital marketing is a rock. If you are a beginner or have already started your digital marketing journey, you should familiar with some of the important tools. In this article, we will discuss 5 digital marketing tools for beginners. So, keep reading….

5 Digital Marketing Tools for Beginners


1. Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a must-have tool every blogger use. You should know all the potential data of your website such as, how many traffic you are getting every day, how they come from, which pages are the top pages in your site and so on. The interesting thing is that this tool is totally free of cost. So, if you are not yet using Google Analytics, try it now.


2. Rank Math WordPress Plugin
If you are a WordPress user, there are plenty of tools waiting for boosting your money site. WordPress is the best CMS around the world. Almost 27% of the entire website powered by WordPress. The good news is there is an exclusive plugin which can help your site’s content SEO friendly. And this is absolutely free of cost. Just install the plugin and see the magic of Rank Math.


3. Answer the public
Are you looking for an effective tool which can generate plenty of questions you can answer on your blog? No need to worry anymore. Just visit Answer the public tool. Enter your keyword and see the power of this tool. The tool will generate hundreds of questions you can pick from. Many SEO experts are using this tool for finding the profitable question keywords for their blogs.


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4. Google search console
Google offers a free tool for every webmaster that can report you which of your web pages are 404, which pages have broken links, how many indexed paged have in your site and so on. An exclusive data can show how many of your keywords are ranked on Google. The interesting thing is all these services are completely free. The name of the tool is the Google search console (formerly Google webmaster tool). It is also a must-have tool for internet marketers.


5. Grammarly
If you are a blogger, content writer or marketers, you should use this tool for making your blog-content error-free. If you need to correct the sentence with answers, Grammarly could help you. Because it has a powerful algorithm that can help your blog articles errors and it will suggest you the best solutions. So, why not using this tool. Just visit Grammarly, install the extension on your browser.

We have shown you above five essential tools for digital marketers. However, there are so many digital marketing tools have in the industry.


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