Top 5 affiliate networks for passive income

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Do you want to make money online? Cannot find a suitable affiliate network? In this article, we are going to discuss reliable and useful top 5 affiliate networks for online passive income. Please stay with us until the end of this discussion.


# 1. AWIN (Affiliate Window):

After merging with Zanox, present recognition is AWIN which was previously known as Affiliate Window. Over 13,000 active advertisers and 100,000 publishers working through this network. There is a $5 the application charge. Non-refundable for rejected application. But $5 will be added to account for a successful application.

Topic information:
Financial, retail fashion, sports, beauty, home & garden, and travel categories.


Why choose AWIN:
• Minimum pays out $20 and two times per month
• Gives you a report of real-time
• Publishers and advertisers are seriously assessed.
• User-friendly control panel and useful plugins offered.
• About 900 employees in 15 offices ready to help around the globe.


Negative opinions:
• $5 advanced payment requires for sign-up.
• An unapproved account will lose the $5.


#2. ShareASale:

This is a platform of 4000 merchants. 1000 of them are classified as exclusive. ShareASale is recognized as the largest partner platform.


Topic information:
ShareASale deals above 3,900 associate programs in 40 categories. So, it covers almost everything a marketer needs.


Why choose ShareASale:

• On 20th of each month, the fund will be transferred once reach the balance of $50.
• Gives you the option to create various reports
• Wide range of publishing opportunity
• Different payment options
• Totally safe and secure network


Negative opinions:
• Minimum payout is $50
• Pay-out is once a month and not manual


#3. Clickbank:

If you are an exclusive promotor of digital products and looking for thousands of options. Then Clickbank is the best associate option for you.


Topic information:
This platform deals with more than six million associate products. So, it also covers almost everything a pusher needs.


Why choose Clickbank:
• Customized pay-out option.
• Millions of publishing opportunity in a thousand categories
• Different payment options
• Spam free and secure network


Negative opinions:
• Got to do own homework to make the audience happy
• Improved refund policy conversion rate could take your income off


#4. CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction):


This network is considered as the biggest and unbeatable in terms of multiple brands.

Topic information:
CJ has more than 3000 merchant and 500 brand companies. It almost covers all types of digital products.


Why choose CJ:
• Millions of brand products selling opportunity
• Reliable payment options
• Exclusive reporting system


Negative opinions:
• Only have two payment options. Direct deposit and PayPal.
• Limited customer service opportunity.

#5. Amazon Associates:


Amazon is the pioneer online marketing network founded in 1996. It has a huge selection of physical and digital products and categories.


Topic information:

Amazon has a huge selection of physical and digital products and categories. Hardly, you will find any category that Amazon doesn’t have.


Why choose Amazon Associates:
• Opportunity to work with the most reliable and authority platform
• Reliable and multiple payment options
• Exclusive and updated reporting software


Negative opinions:
• Payment will be paid after 60 days of earnings
• Email marketing is prohibited


To make handsome passive income start using any of the top 5 affiliate networks. Just make sure you publish only the ads and links that perfectly matched with your topic for the best result.

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