10 Benefits of Blogging [#9 is most effective]

Benefits of Blogging
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Blogging started its amazing beginning in 1993. In 26 years it has helped us to grow digital marketing. Nowadays blogging has become very popular. Many of us write blogs to share our thoughts or reviews. Some types of blogs are like make money, business, health, fashion, food, traveling and so on. But how many of us know the benefits of blogging?

If you have your own blog but don’t know why blogging is so beneficial and powerful then this is going to be helpful for you. Let’s have a look at 10 benefits of blogging:

1. Express your passion:

People mainly start writing a blog from their passion for a particular thing. It helps a person to express their thoughts and reviews. A blog works as a media that connects people.

2. Become an author:

There are many people among us who love to write and have enough knowledge or skill to be a writer. By writing blogs daily the skill will develop and by the feedback of visitors will help to be a better author.

3. Grow your business:

If you have any business you can promote it by writing blogs. The more you will write blogs people will get to know more about your business. It will clear your customer’s doubts. This way your business will grow faster.

Benefits of Blogging
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Image by Pixabay


4. Learn new things:

When you will select a niche then you will have to first learn about it. You have to keep more knowledge so that you can write about it.
To rank in Google or bring traffic you need to know many things like SEO, social media marketing, Quora marketing, email marketing, etc.

5. Sell your product:

There are many people who have their own websites. Even many people do affiliate marketing. By writing blogs regularly it will help to increase your sell.

All you just need to make your content attractive so that people feel interested in the product or service. Very soon you will notice your sale started getting higher.

6. Gaining the trust of customers:

Writing a blog every day can earn trust in your product or service of your customers. It takes time to gain trust. When every day you will post blogs they will get to know more about your product and gradually they will start trusting you more.

7. Help your readers:

Provide enough information to your readers. When your readers will get to know valuable information from you, they will come again and again to read new blogs.

8. Immediate response:

Blogs help us to be connected with people. After publishing a blog we don’t have to wait much for their response. We get to know if there’s any problem or any improvement is needed for the products or our website. We can improve our works by their immediate response.

9. Be an expert in your field:

Whatever niche you select always provides the updated news on your website. When visitors will get the latest news from you, it will increase their interest in your website.

So, be an expert about your niche. Visitors will love to read your content and consider them while taking decisions for their life or career.

10. Learn from others:

Bloggers mainly spend time their time on something specific. By the response, comments, and tweets you will also be to learn a lot from the. Their response will help you to improve your work.


In this post, we have tried to put the big benefits of blogging. Here is a guide on – How to start a blog? Those who want to open their own blog or who had no idea why they were blogging or they couldn’t tell anyone the benefits of blogging. We think they got a clear idea about it. Just keep one thing in mind, write good blogs so that you get long-termed visitors.

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