5 Best web hosting for beginners

Best web hosting for beginners
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Are you looking for a web hosting that fits your website best? We will show you that. But initially, one more asking to you- are you a beginner in this connection? If so, this list best web hosting for beginners only for you.

Let’s see the 5 best web hosting for beginners

There is plenty of free web hosting provider available in the market. And people mostly fond of free. But, running a web hosting business costs more. So how it possible to continue it free in the long run, this is considerable.

Thus, we have listed here some almost free and free web hosting name for you;

1. BlueHost

Key features:

  • Most reputed in the industry- This name is the most called in the hosting provider industry doing business for a long time.
  • Trust-Worthy- It’s trust-worthiness unquestionable.
  • Officially recommended by WordPress- BlueHost is highly recommended by WordPress.
  • Easy to integrate- It is very easy to integrate- just one click.
  • Free SSL certificate- Also you will get a free SSL certificate.
  • Cheap– Start with only $2.75/monthly.

2. Hostgator

Key features:

  • Topmost position in the industry- Quality service makes it at the top level in a short time in the industry.
  • Tons of email address- You can access the unlimited email address.
  • Free SSL/HTTP- Also provide an SSL/HTTP certificate free of cost.
  • Undermeterd bandwidth- Each and everyone plans it includes an unmetered bandwidth.
  • Trustable- Huge amount of consumer makes its trustability in the market.
  • Cheaper- Pricing plans start with only $2.64/monthly.

3. DreamHost

Key features:

  • Most experienced provider- This is one of the most experienced hosting providers since 1997.
  • Easy to install- Just with one click.
  • Free domain- Unlike others, it offers a free domain for you.
  • Free SSL certificate- You will have an SSL certificate, however without cost.
  • Wide range of emails- You will get an unlimited email option.
  • Cheapest- It will cost only $2.59/ monthly.
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Now, let see the 2 free, however, the best web hosting for beginners;



Key features

  • Most popular brand- With the pure taste of well-known WordPress. However, be sure that this is not the WordPress.org- self-hosted website builder.
  • Wide storage- With the free plan it offers 3 GB storage.
  • Free subdomain- You will get a free subdomain with your accounts.
  • Access to templates- It allows you to access the free templates to your website.
  • Reliable- Safe and reliable to make all the data confidential.


  • Additional note for you: It will display its ads on your website regularly and you can upgrade your plan to paid version due to avail some premium facilities.


2. Wix- (Free)

Key features

  • Free storage- Wix offers 500 MB of storage with the free plan.
  • Free subdomain- A free subdomain with your accounts will be provided to you.
  • Access to templates- Wix also allows you to access the free templates to your website.
  • Reliable- Safe and reliable to make all the data confidential.
  • Free bandwidth- It will give you 500 MB of bandwidth.


  • Additional note for you: Wix also, like other free web hosting provider, will display its ads on your website. If you wish to convert your plan into a paid version, they will welcome you with great pleasure. Relatively, you also be happy to use the premium facilities.

We are at the end of today’s topic on the best web hosting for beginners. Now, this is the time to hear from you. Let us know how this appeals to you?

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