5 free content marketing tools for beginners

free content marketing tools for beginners
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Being a content writer you need to have some tools due to make it in front of your targeted audience. 5 free content marketing tools for beginners might help you greatly.


HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

This name comes first in mind while finding a blogging topic generator.

  • Main Features


  • Works Instantly

You need to enter the keywords or noun, it will generate appropriate content ideas for you.

  • Wide Option

It will give a set of 5 unique content ideas for a given 3 keywords set at a time. Thus, you can pick one that you like most.

  • Easy To Use

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator is very easy to use.

Alternet Options

If you are not happy with offered ideas, then you may start a new searching, yet using the same keywords.

  • Most Popular

This is one of the most popular and trust-worthy content marketing tools in the industry.


 You can use it easily to make your content marketing effectively.

  • Main Features


  • It Will Saves Your Time

Its built-in shortcut keyboard enables you to save your time. However, enjoying the same benefits within minimum time-periods.

  • Easy To Use

It is very easy to use, anyone can use it just with a few clicks.

  • Multiple Options

It offers you multiple export options. That’s why you can share it with your targeted audience.

  • It’s Advancement-attention

Its interface is simple and basically attentive to advancement. Therefore, you can get free of on-screen interruptions and make the extra effort on your content marketing.

  • It Will Show You The Road Map

Without making the pre-road map about your content, not possible to end it up with a good result. MindMup, in this regard, can help you lots.

Google Docs

In light of the fact, most of the new content writers being familiar with it at the very early stages of writing.

  • Main features


  • Add More Font

Google Docs offers you plenty of font options that you may use as best fits with your needs.

  • Table Of Content Sidebar

You may generate long content with subsections. So that readers wish to jump to another section. The auto table of content makes this happen easily.

  • Create Header

To make content human-readable, you may want to offer your readers header at an appropriate place of the content, Google Docs allows it.

  • Remove Header

Unlike create a header, you may wish to remove headers that you’ve made previously. You can do it.

  • Clear Formatting

You may face formatting problems while paste text from the alternative site, just with clicks, you can solve it.

content marketing tools
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Adobe Spark

This is also a popular content marketing tool offering a wide range of benefits to its users for a long time.

  • Main Features


  • Specialized Signature Tune

It has a wide range of specialized signature tune. Therefore, it allows you to pick one that suits best your content.

  • Lovely Pictures

Plenty of images waiting for you to select them and use them appropriately due to make effective content marketing.

  • Segment All Over The Place

It allows you to segment your story all over the place you love to.

  • Responsive

Regardless of the device, it is automatically synchronized allows you to work as you being stimulated to.

  • Monitoring

It also enables you to track your audience activity and monitor your content performance.


Another popular tool for content marketing, yet it has also another great feature that makes it different from others.

  • Main Features


  • Scheme Patterns

Its main focusing point is on the scheme patterns which don’t support the strategy.

  • Modified Console

It’s customized dashboard allows you to evaluate separately every task.

  • Exclusive Sights

In this connection Asana undoubtedly excellent, you can see a ranking list with programmed announcements.

  • Safe

It is considered safe to use.

  • Convention Chart

The convention chart enables you to save time while getting the same works to benefit from doing less, yet chart-wise.

The above 5 free content marketing tools for beginners whatever we listed here, really very useful.

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