7 free digital marketing tools for beginners

free digital marketing tools for beginners
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Digital marketing tools are becoming the most robust item in the industry. Yet, not all the tools are cost-less. Thus, these 7 free digital marketing tools for beginners can make great nous.


7 free digital marketing tools for beginners:


7. Google Search Console

Regardless of the serial, Google Search Console is one of those tools that you may want to use initially.

  • Key Features


  • Search Analytics

This is one of the most attractive features that allow you to know the way of getting organic traffic from Google.

  • Crawl Mistakes

It helps you to solve numerous problems related to Google crawling to your site.

  • Site Map Tester

This is important as, without a sitemap, no web page index enabled.

  • HTML Enhancements

It helps to advance the display of the SERP.

  • Fetch As Google

This feature is due to ensure the web pages are search engine-friendly.


6. Ubersuggest

Another important and popular tool for digital marketing.

  • Key Features


  • Find The Right Keywords/Phrase

It enabled you to find the appropriate keywords/phrase that fits best to your niche.

  • Bunch Of Related Keywords

It also helps you by giving suggestions on some related keywords you may use in your content.

  • SEO Management

Ubersuggest unquestionably help to manage SEO activity for your web site.

  • Content Idea

It supports you to having the pure content idea that attracts more traffic to your page.

  • Backlink Data

This is one most complex part of Google, yet Ubersuggest makes it easy for beginners.


5. Canva

This is an amazingly unavoidable tool for image-making.

  • Key Features


  • Picture Straightener

It is very important to make your image in the right alignment, Canva makes it happen.

  • Photo Cropper

Canva helps you greatly to fits with the right in as a digital image cropper.

  • Photo With Text

Want to add some text with a photo? Canva is here to aid you, rightly.

  • Talking Foam Setting

Want to let your pictures talking? Canva makes it happen by its voice making foaming.

  • Image Gravy

It allows you to make your images brighter to get the highest output.

digital marketing tools for beginners
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Image by: pixabay

4. Mailchimp

Another free and most important tool that helps digital marketers right from the starting points.

  • Key Features
  • Build & Run Facebook Ads

These new features of Mailchimp enable you to create and run FB ads to targeting subscribers.

  • Email Templates

Find your best fits email templates from a wide range of selection.

  • Campaign Design

Also, you can choose your campaign design from its database.

  • Monitor Subscribers Activities

You can monitor your subscriber’s activity by Mailchimp.

  • Sales Tube

Not only emails but Mailchimp also enables you to generates automated sales tubes.

3. Hootsuite

Especially due to cover the social media, you need Hootsuite. Yet, it has more functions.

  • Key Features
  • Time-saving

It will save you time as it works by itself on social media by setting a scheduled post.

  • Tracking

Monitor the content and its nature to take action as needed.

  • Easy To Integration

It is easy to integrate with essential apps to get the result.

  • Endorse

It allows you to promote your content to the right places for getting the best output.

  • Squad Supervision

You can supervise your squad with the help of it.


2. Moz Local

This is also a must-have digital marketing tool for beginners.

  • Key Features


  • Real-time Profile Management

It enables you to manage your profile in the appropriate time-frame.

  • Data Scrubbing Procedure

It helps greatly with data scrubbing by all means.

  • Position Data Organization

Positioning data organization due to its automated system is very easy by Moz Local.

  • Evaluation Settlement

You can settle all the evaluation you need to progress your business.

  • Social Posting

This feature allows you to be engaged with your clients.


1. WordPress

This is the last listed, yet makes its popularity at the top level.


  • Key Features
  • User-friendly

It is as easy as it can use even a layman.

  • Plenty Of Option

Lots of themes, you may choose one to preview, yet not activate them.

  • Image Edit

Image editing option that also popular features among all.

  • Single Post With Multi-Page

For lengthy content, you can split it into another page.

  • Trust-worthy

Undoubtedly WordPress is one of the most trustworthy CRM among all.

So, we have listed above 7 free digital marketing tools for beginners. If it is making some positive sound to you, don’t hesitate to share it with others.





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