How to start a blog in 27 minutes

how to start a blog
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Thinking of making money online? To generate handsome passive income, there is no other easiest way but starting a  blog. Here you will get the detail instruction of how to start a blog in 27 minutes study. Even if you have no technical knowledge. So, let’s start.

Step 1. Set your mind up and get some unique ideas:

You don’t need a ground-breaking idea to start a money making website. Just need a unique idea that people are interested to learn. To get your mindset you need to find the answers to the following questions:


Do you like writing about the new idea?

If your answer is positive, then you are on the right track. Otherwise, brainstorm for any other new ideas that you like to learn and write. The reason is you need to write a lot. So, feeling interested in the new idea is very important.
Are there others who are attracted in the same idea?

Find out from the Google search that other people are also searching for your idea. Make sure others also love your idea.

Step 2: Buy a domain and web hosting for your Blog

Now it is important to name the blog and buy a topic related domain. Just like ““. Now choose a suitable and reliable hosting provider to set up your first blog.

Step 3. Install a blogging software that matches best for you:

Installing a blog software is mandatory to start a dynamic and interactive blog site. There are many CMS for blogging. Choosing a reliable and user-friendly one is very important. For example, WordPress, Weebly, BB Press, and Drupal are very popular. Mostly these are free. We recommend WordPress. This is a great blogging platform in the world.

Step 4. How to start a blog choosing a nice theme:

In the very beginning, it is wise to choose a free theme. But the paid theme could be more effective as it provides more features. But always remember to choose a smart and user-friendly theme.

Step 5. Modify and improve your blog:

Themes are the foundation of your blog. But to increase the functionality and good looking of the blog site, installing necessary plugins are very important. There are lots of free and paid plugins out there in the market to choose to perform different functions. The Yoast for SEO, Contact form 7, Mailchimp is worth mentioning.

Step 6. Think deeply and find a few topics for your blog:

Strom your brain and find out some keywords and make attractive titles (headline). Remember, these titles will represent your niche. The best practice is to start with a question or an encouraging title that visitors always look for.

Step 7. Write your first blog:

Open your favorite word processor or login to blog admin panel and go to create a new post. Place your title on to the title section and start writing on to the large text area. Write about the title as long as you can. Just make sure the writing needs to be relevant, logical, informative and realistic.

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Above steps are just the basic methods of how to start a blog. As a beginner don’t think too much. Just start with something and upgrade your blog time to time as required.

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